JSC “Durpeta” operates 4 peatbogs where peat is high-marshy (covers part of Šepeta peatbogs, Tyre­lis, Kalniškiai, Liminėlis peatbogs) and low-marshy type ( Pabalvė, part of Šepeta peat­bogs);

High-marshy peat is loose, ranging from yellow to brownish colour.

According to LST 1957:2009 standard, hu­mification (decomposition) level (H) of the peatpro­duced by JSC “Durpeta” ranges from H2 (light and slightly segmented peat) to H6 (dark and highly seg­mented peat).

The peat produced by JSC “Durpeta” has been divided into 3 categories: white peat (A category), brown peat (B category), black (C category).

All categories peat is packed into bales of different capacity including big bales. JSC “Durpeta” was one of the first who started exporting peat to other countries. The first bales with peat were exported in 1985. Each year the amount of exported peat is expanding. Novadays, raw material for processing peat is harvested at Šepeta and Tyrelis peatbogs. Annually more than 500 000 cubic meters of peat moss are produced and sold.

On March 25, 2015 JSC “Durpeta” certified peat as a soil improvement material.
This type of peat and substrates are compliant for use in organic production.