Lump peat fuel is produced from intermediate type of peat with segmentation level, not lower than 25%. This solid fuel is easily combusted, can be used in solid fuel boilers, fireplaces etc. It is also one of the cheapest fuels in Lithuania. Coal (up to 65%) and oxygen (up to 30%) prevail in the chemical formula of this peat. Lump peat may be divided into lumps of various dimensions (e.g. 300x130x110 mm) and may contain up to 10% particles. Lump peat fuel is harvested at Pabalvė, Šepeta, Aliai, Kalniškiai and Lebeliai peatbogs.

Fuel moisture content, % up – 25
Dry mass ash content, % up – 8
Calorific value, kcal/kg –  2500 – 4500
Small particles, % up – 10