JSC “Durpeta“ one of the first in Lithuania acquired the professional peat substrate manufacturing equipment. The first peat substrates for professional growers were produced in 1995.


JSC “Durpeta“ produces a wide range of pro­ducts – from lower-price standard substrates to the specific needs mixtures of the customer, forexam­ple: primula’s/viola’s substrate poinsettia‘s substrate and container (ornamental) plant substrates with long-term effects of fertilizers. You can choose the desired product from those offered by the different structures of peat: 0–5, 5–10, 10–20, 20–40, 0–10, 0–20, 0–40 and > 50 mm.

JSC “Durpeta” production is packed in the 10–70 liter bags or into 150–250 liter bags and differentsize of big bales.

Each package may have a sign with the original prescription number and composition of all the goods and the structure of data.

Each tray is also identified through an automatic labeling system.