This is a great type of solid fuel for those who want to heat their homes cheaply and efficiently.

We use specially selected peat with very low ash content and high heat for the production of peat pellets. Due to these properties of peat, peat pellets can be used in household pellet boilers.

  • Peat pellets are convenient to transport and store;
  • A great alternative to wood pellets;
  • Peat pellet ash can be used as fertilizer;
  • Peat pellets can be used in combination with wood, straw, pellets;
  • Higher coloring than wood pellets.


Ash content – 3%
Upper isochoric calorific value (calorific value) of dry fuel – 21.7 Mj / kg – 6.03 kWh / kg
Lower isobar calorific value (calorific value) of dry fuel – 20.46 Mj / kg – 5.68 kWh / kg
Lower calorific value (calorific value) of wet fuel – 18.55 Mj / kg – 5.15 kWh / kg
Total moisture content up to 8.5%

Packaging: 15.5 kg

Granule diameter: 8 mm, granule length 16.5 mm