Quality control

The stability of substrates quality parameters is guaranted by automatic batching system, which ensure not more then 1–2% – deviation of compo­nents, however all products such as raw material of the peat and substrates must be tested in the la­baratory of the company. The main researches are as following:

  • Determination of a quantity (standard LST EN 12580);
  • Determination of pH (acidity) (standard LST EN 13037);
  • Determination of electrical conductivity (LST EN 13038).

In the big or small bag the volume control is based on determination of bulk density, that means weight of one litre of product. Through the test sieve 20 litres of the product are sieved into the measurement cylinder, then it is weighted and cal­culated the weight of one litre. Bag or big bale are weighted, the weight of package is deducted, the result is devided by the weight of one litre gives li­tres of product in one package.

Products are tested periodically, data of bulk density, pH, electrical conductivity are recorded into Quality control list, the sample is kept in the store for one year.

All products are marked. The date, title, codes which help to determine the exact date of produc­tion are printed on bags.

Additionally, the main nutrients such as nitrate and ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus, kali are measured by spectral-photometer DR 2800.


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