MULCIUS_60_turinisM_copyPeat mulch for gardens and kitchen gardens is a mulching measure for nurturing of garden and kitchen-garden plants. Organic mulches are materials that decompose slowly and preserve moisture in the soil. The mulch reduces soil water evaporation by 60%. It protects roots against seasonal temperature fluctuations, maintains higher temperature in winter and lower temperature in summer, ensuresoptimal air permeability, and retains soil friability. Chopped peatbog wood fibres and branches contain organic xylitol material which stops the growth of weeds, stimulates development of plant root balls and partially prevents against spread of flies  (fungusgnats).

 USE: Remove weeds in the areas of mulched plants and garden-beds and evenly fluffuptheground.Cover the ground in a 2–5 cm layer of mulch. We recommend fertilizing the plants before using the mulch. Fill up the old mulch with a 2–3 cm layer after 2–3 years.

INGREDIENTS: Chopped peat screenings, chopped peat stumps, branches, pine bark.

PERIOD OF USE: All year round.

Capacity: 60 l