The peat litter mixture has all the positive properties of peat litter – the fulvic acid in high-grade peat stimulates the activity of the digestive tract, which increases the growth of birds, preserves the unique antiseptic properties of peat litter. The substances in the mixture and the lower pH (about 4-4.8) inhibit the development of fungi and putrefactive bacteria, so the body of littered animals and birds is better protected against rot and harmful microorganisms, especially aspergellosis;

The litter is not contaminated with harmful substances, heavy metals, harmful microbes or fungi.

Application: After spreading the first layer of litter in the house, later, depending on the condition of the litter, the house is additionally plowed. The litter in the poultry houses is changed by changing the groups of kept birds. Litter intended for day-old chicks must be additionally dried in the poultry house before the birds are present by switching on the heaters to 10-15%. moisture and heating the litter to 20-32 C.



The average volumetric weight of sphagnum peat bogs is 170-200 kg / m3.

The average moisture content of the supplied peat litter is 35% -40%.

Fraction: 0-10 mm, 0-20 mm (as required)

Natural acidity pH 4.2 -4.8.

Electrical conductivity EC (1: 1) 0.03-0.15 mS / cm.


Peat litter is supplied compressed into 4-6m3 big bales. In individual cases, litter can also be supplied loose.