mulciusDecorative mulch is a great decorative tool for your environment promotion. Mulch retains moisture in the soil, retains 60 % water. Protects roots from seasonal temperature fluctuations,maintainingahigher temperature in winter and lower – in summer. Penalizes weed growth, opaque to light. Protects soil from erosion, preventing rain washed, and the wind taking away particles. Allows roots to breathe more easily, while retaining the soil friable.

USE: First, carefully eradicate weeds in plants beds and areas and rake the ground smooth. Cover the ground with mulch 2–5 cm thick. Before use the mulch, we recommend plants: Rhododendrons, once manure nitrogen fertilizers. Add a layer 2–3 cm of mulch after 2–3 years. Made from deciduous trees (0–30 mm) wood, which is milled, sieved and colored.

Impact is protecting the ground from water dry and erosion, pH – neutral.

PERIOD OF USE: All year round.

Colors: brown.

Capacity: 50 l