Popular greenhouses cultivated short-fruit cucumber species. Popular, self-pollinating, fertile, short-fruit cucumber species cultivated in heated and non-heated greenhouses are: Mandy F1, Mirabelle F1, Amour F1, Pasalimo F1 and Profi F1, Octopus F1.

Seeding. Cucumbers for their cultivation in greenhouses shall be sown from January till the 15th of March, while in non-heated greenhouses – later, till the 15th of April. Seeds of cucumbers are sown directly into the peat or plastic pots of 10-12 cm diameter (with no pricking out), filled with peat substrate for sowing – seeding (pH 5,5-6,5; EC-1,2-1,8 mS/cm). The seed shall be placed horizontally in 1-2 cm below the surface. Cucumber seeds of foreign selection are already prepared for sowing, so shall not be additionally pickled. Although the germination of the cucumber seeds last for a quite long time, older than 2-3 years seeds are not recommended to be used, as the older seeds give lesser yield.

During the gerDSCN7595mination, the pots with planted seeds shall be covered with plastic film and agro-cover. Seeds germinated in 24-28 oC temperature, sprout in 2-3 days. Seeds sown in clumped, cold, wet ground – rot. Later, in order the seedlings would not get too long, the temperature shall be lowered to 23 oC (in day and night) and maintained for 10 days.

Seedlings cultivation. Cucumber seedlings shall be cultivated in heated greenhouses, on the racks with the below equipped heating. Plants shall be placed on the racks at 15 units/m2, so that their leaves would not touch each other, thus the cucumber seedlings would grow strong, compact and not too long. Temperature of 22 oC at day time and up till 18-20 oC shall be maintained during seedlings growing. If the temperature will be higher at night time, the seedlings will grow too long. Temperature of substrate is extremely important for cucumber seedlings growing – it shall be 18-20 oC. In case of temperature lower than 10 oC, the roots of cucumbers will not absorb nutrients.

Cucumber seedlings shall be watered seldom, but abundant with warm water of 22-25 oC temperature, in the first half of the day. Substrate shall be moist, but not wet. In order the cucumbers’ seedlings would have good system of roots and be viable and of good quality, they shall be fertilized with Ruter AA and Humistar solution (1 liter of fertilizers dissolved in 1 m3 of water).

Cucumber seedlings shall be preventively watered from roots disease with 0,15 percent concentration previcur solution prior to their replanting to permanent place of growth. Cucumber seedlings grow within 25-30 days. Seedlings suitable for seeding shall be of 25-30 height and shall have 5-6 leaves as well as good, white color roots.